The Threat


Critical infrastructures such as Power Grids, Water Utilities and Gas Supply Networks are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks. Backed by government funding, groups of hackers have set their eyes on critical infrastructures as their next target. All over the world, national power grids are hacked and tampered with, adversely affecting both the utilities and their consumers.

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Hacking the grid became easy partly because of the accelerating pace of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation. AMI enables two-way communication between the utilities’ central system and the consumers’ home or business energy management system. This attribute allows hackers, which are currently able to easily and systematically breach and take control of unsecured Smart Meters, and the corporate servers they are connected to, to compromise the utilities’ central systems and inflict harm at different scales and proportions, such as: causing massive power outages in private homes, multi-story buildings and manufacturing plants;

causing severe and long- term damage to utilities by eroding and manipulating their infrastructures; forge financial transactions, causing billing frauds and other monetary issues. Governments, related regulatory entities, utilities and Advanced Meter vendors have begun to raise their awareness regarding these new threats to Power grids, Gas supply networks and Water utilities and are thus, allocating dedicated resources to cope with these new challenges. However, these efforts are insufficient and ineffective, and the threats of cyber-attacks on AMIs remains unresolved.

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Our cyber Solution

Brownie’s solution provides an innovative approach to protecting critical infrastructure with its next-gen Air Gapping System for Power Grids, Water Utilities and Gas Supply Networks with Smart Meters embedded.

Based on Brownie’s unique IP and thorough understanding of relevant communication protocols used in Smart Grid Environments, Brownie developed a comprehensive solution which applies a patternand heuristic-based defence mechanism, enabling Brownie to both detect and prevent potential attacks on Power Grids, Water Utilities and Gas Supply Networks. Additionally, Brownie has developed a unique complementary/harmonized solution capable of Air Gapping in-network servers, signing and verifying all external

communication, acting as a software-based network segmenter. This two- pronged complementary approach creates a comprehensive solution, which maximizes threat- mitigation effectiveness and minimizes false-positives. Brownie’s solution is agnostic to the utilities` Smart Meter rollout stage and future upgrades in the Smart Meters’ types and models, as it could be implemented and updated, remotely, rendering physical connection to the consumers’ premises unnecessary.


End-to-end solution, defending both the consumer and the utility

Entirely software based

Implemented and updated remotely

Agnostic to the Smart Meters’ types and models, and to utilities' Smart Meter rollout stage

Makes other security solutions redundant

How Brownie solution works

Protecting the Smart Meters

Brownie provides a real-time IPS solution for the Smart Meter’s wireless protocols. These include 2/3G, Zigbee Smart Energy and ZWave. The solution prevents attacks in real-time, minimizing the number of false-positives using a proprietary machine-learning algorithm developed internally. Brownie’s solution supports all major Smart Metering manufacturers, such as Itron, Landys+Gir and the Elster Group. Additionally, the solution will be installed and updated Over the Air (OTA), rendering physical access and/or special hardware, unnecessary.

Protecting the Utilities’ Servers

Brownie’s solution effectively air-gaps all incorporated servers from unauthorized entries communicated through the AMI network. This ensures attackers will not be able to communicate with the exposed servers in any way, rendering OTA attacks meaningless. The solution supports many different types of critical servers, including billing, power management and databases servers. The solution is completely software-based and agnostic to the underlying hardware, making installing and updating it remotely trivial.

Protecting the Industrial Control System (ICS)

Because Brownie’s solution is protecting the layers behind the ICS, resulting Brownie’s solution is also protecting the ICS itself. By preventing attackers from even reaching a point where they can communicate with the ICS, Brownie’s solution can be considered a holistic solution – defending all major assets of the Power Grid.


Utilities cyber labs

Our Utilities Cyber Security Lab is comprised of a team of experienced cyber security analysts and researchers that works together with experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge in the planning and operation of Power Grids, Gas Supply Networks, and Water Utilities.

Research & Development

On a macro level, we provide large scale, cross-utility research of existing technologies and solutions, aiming to screen-out and identify the leading technologies developed by 3rd parties, or to develop internally, the most cutting-edge cyber technologies and solutions which constantly address the new cyber threats. We publish our results in either public or confidential, pre-ordered reports.


Our lab provides a widerange of services to Power Grids, g=Gas Supply Networks, and Water Utilities as well as cyber security companies developing technologies and solutions for the infrastructure industry.

Our services include:
In-depth analysis of various cyber vulnerabilities that may endanger utilities’ operations and performances, and assessment of their existing security coverage.

Thorough inspection and evaluation of existing cyber solutions from various cyber companies and assessment of their strength and effectiveness in respect to the current state of malicious practices.

Detection of new and existing vulnerabilities and malicious activities, and establishment of viable counter measures and solutions.

Tailor-made planning and optimization of either specific solutions or full cyber security coverage, using the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient solutions.

On a micro level, we provide focused research and reports to utilities and cyber companies operating in the utilities’ arena. Effective research is a key for any company to identify its particular threats, and ensure it continuously implements the most up to date tangible cyber security protection effectively addressing the accelerating pace of new cyber threats created by individual hackers or institutionalized hacker groups.


Dr. Hana Muriel Setteboun

Dr. Setteboun has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and management of start-ups as well as large international corporations, including leading fundraising processes and exits in valued hundreds of $Ms, with a special focus in the Power & Energy industry. Dr. Setteboun is the CEO of Green Akter. Green Akter (1) Foster Power-Tech start-ups who develop various technologies for the power industry and (2) develops, finances, executes and operates projects in Emerging markets, which are implementing the new technologies. Dr. Setteboun served as: (1) ESVP Business Development and Finance in an international energy group focused on emerging markets; (2) CEO of a power company in Brazil which is one of the largest temporary power provider in Brazil, and also owns and operates large-scale power; (3) CFO of a German bio-fuel company, Petrotec, traded in Frankfurt stock exchange Dr. Setteboun Serves in various boards of public companies. She served for 6 years (2 terms) as an Independent Director in IAI (‘Israel Aerospace Industries’) Dr. Setteboun holds a BA and MA in Economics, LLB in law and a Ph.D in Finance from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Netanel Rubin

Mr. Rubin is a senior security researcher with several significant findings under his belt. He started his security career at the age of 16 and hasperformed security assessments for many international companies and organizations, including banks and government offices. Following a meaningful military service in the IDF elite intelligence unit 8200, he founded Vaultra, a start-up specializing in the Smart Meter industry. Currently, he is the CEO of Positday, a cyber-security consultant company that provides security services for government organizations around the world, as well as multinational security organizations. In the past few years, he presented in several international Cyber Security conferences such as DEF CON, CCC and Black Hat, as well as major energy conferences including EventHorizon and S&P’s Platts Digital Commodities Summit.

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Our Mission

Brownie is revolutionizing the critical infrastructure cyber security industry, paving the way for more robust and resilient utilities around the world. By protecting and immunizing utilities’ first and only direct entry points - the Smart Meter, while also protecting sensitive corporate servers, Brownie effectively and comprehensively protects utilities and end-consumers alike. Thus, Brownie’s solution is expected to become the gold standard for Critical Infrastructure security in the multi-billion-dollar infrastructure market, tapping its full potential.